Frequently Asked Questions

Q How old does my Child need to be?
A This Course is targeted at the 7-13 y/o age group this year (but depends of the individual child)

Q How long are the classes?
A The classes are 90 minutes long

Q How many classes are involved in the course?
A There are 4 or 8 classes for the beginners course.

Q Is there a need for access to the Internet?
A Yes. For the Bonus magic ticks that can be unlocked from a secret online video vault at home!

Q Where are the classes held?
A The classes are held in various locations in and around the Greater Dayton Area. Locations and days the classes are being held can be found on the upcoming classes page.

Q How can the classes be paid for?
A The classes can be paid by cash, check, or paypal for credit card payments

If you have questions aboue the Davis Magic Academy contact Dave Davis at 937-620-4601 or